Monday, April 2, 2012

whiskey girls

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I read a great article, "Raising the Bar" by Kayleigh Kulp, in Bust Magazine back in their Dec/Jan issue.  It covers how America's history morphed whiskey into "a man's drink," while also showcasing powerful woman in the whiskey world today.  It also gave great tips on how to get into whiskey.

When I moved to Oregon, I thought I'd get really into wine.  Although I live minutes away from some of the loveliest wineries the state has to offer, it really is all about the beer...and whiskey.  In the past, I had dabbled with vodka and then, briefly, with gin.  But honestly, whiskey is where it's at.  Once I finally spent the extra buck on a nice whiskey at a bar, I realized why it is often considered a gentleman's drink. 

But why does it have to be for just men? To me, there's something undeniably feminine about whiskey.  This is all kind of silly since whiskey doesn't need to be gendered at all in the first place.  But I gotta say, a whiskey ginger or a whiskey sour with a bite of fruit in it isn't just tasty, but also charmingly pretty in a simple, sweet way (extra points for being in a mason jar).

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After workshop, my writing group and I usually go to happy hour at a local bar, Downward Dog, who make killer drinks, especially ones with whiskey.   A four dollar cocktail's pretty good and a great way to keep expanding upon my whiskey knowledge.

This is Downward Dog's "the tumbleweed," made with house infused sage whiskey, ginger water, triple sec, orange juice & ginger ale