Wednesday, April 18, 2012

music on a weeknight

Last week a few friends and I drove to Eugene to see an Explosions in the Sky concert. If was a Wednesday and we left right after a staff meeting. I had to be on campus at 8am the next day. Going to that concert was the best choice ever.

When I lived in Brooklyn, my friends and I would often make a point of doing something fun on a weeknight. I'm not talking vegging out to a LOST marathon here people, either (though that is also awesome).  I'm talking midnight movie releases, funk dance parties, and drinks in noisy bars. 

Going to the concert (and such a good one at that!) was a good reminder that, even as a student, I don't have to live solely for the weekend. I was extra productive the days leading up to the concert, knowing I'd lose those precious writing/prepping hours. 

So here's to music and good wine and long drives to things that are wroth it...all on a Wednesday!

If you don't have time for such shenanigans on a weeknight (i.e. i've been staring at a computer screen, writing, all of tonight), then here's to the weekend, where you can always look forward to doing karaoke with a storm trooper...