Monday, April 16, 2012

Guys, this weekend was good. Really, really good.

There was a whiskey girls night, the farmers market, an Indian food buffet, hiking, and a cashed in birthday coupon for a gluten-free pizza party.

Oh, and there was sun--lots and lots of sun.  Boy, we needed it around here. I don't think us Corvallis folk had had a non-rainy day in about two weeks. It felt good to walk everywhere and to feel some sunshine on my back

Usually, I opt for the ever-popular Bald Hill hiking grounds on good, sunny days.  Saturday was just too glorious, though, and I knew the narrow trail would be jam-packed.  Instead, Matt and I looked up a trail we'd never been to before and, dare I say, I think it's the best hike I've been on in the past year. Just beautiful. 

The hike was pretty easy, but I still used it as a way to justify dessert.
My friends have been incredibly supportive of my ever-changing food politics.  I have to say, I think this gluten-free business is good for me.  My hunch is that I feel much better because of it.  But I love food and it's a big part of who I am.  So, having friends adapt with me has been really special.  In the past week, two girlfriends have gone out of there way to gift me delicious wheat-free treats.  It means a lot to me...And sugar cookies and strawberry brownie sundaes mean a lot to me, too.


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