Monday, February 13, 2012

never give up on brunch

When I think of brunch, I think of Portland. It's a way of life there.  My friend, Sarah, says that Portland sometimes seems like a city of servers...Everyone is serving brunch to everyone.  When I think of brunch, I also think of long lines in New York's west village, happily waiting while friends and I rub the mascara from the night before out of our eyes.  When I was in Cape Town, we often took long leisurely walks to cafes with absurdly huge cappuccinos and omelettes.

Corvallis, though, not so much a brunch town. Sure, there are places to get breakfasts, but they're often greasy spoons or quick in-and-out hippie coffee shops.

Lately, Corvallis has been upping its B-game ("B" as in brunch). Lots of cute little restaurants have been popping up with good, hearty, local foods. It's hard to justify fancy meals out in grad school, but Corvallis is a few pennies less than some of the bigger cities that dominate brunch.  So, friends and I have been enjoying our little Sunday splurges on brunch treats like bloody mary's, chicken & waffles, and anything with hollandaise sauce at new restaurants like Les Caves.

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