Wednesday, February 15, 2012

brunch redux

After waxing all poetic on the importance of having a nice brunch establishments in your hometown, I realized I was being somewhat hypocritical.  When I think back to my favorite brunches, many of them are ones had in my home or in the home of a friend.

I feel really lucky to have so many friends who enjoy cooking as a social act.  In any given week, I think I share a home cooked meal with a group of friends up to three times a week.  Sundays, I usually try to cook a comforting brunch before getting back to schoolwork.  And the best Sundays, are the ones when I have friends over and we go all out.

What do we have here?
Eggs over focaccia & parmesan, garden quiche, German apple cake in a cast iron skillet (my first cast iron skillet endeavor!), roasted brussel sprouts, and a play on mimosas (made with lambrusco instead of champagne)

I mean, can't really beat that.

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