Monday, February 20, 2012

birthdays treats

February is a big birthday month for my family.  Between this past Friday and this upcoming Wednesday, we'll have celebrated my sister-in-laws birthday, my mother's 60th birthday, and my own 26th.

I can't really believe that my parents are sixty. They're a lot cooler than me. Pretty darn hip...and great.

Our family flew in for a quick 48 hour trip to celebrate our mother's big day.  She held a big party at a San Francisco crab restaurant. I still reek of garlic...mmmm....

Though the trip thwarted my writing plans and I was bummed to not get to squeeze in a few visits with California friends, the trip was just lovely.  I'm so glad we were able to celebrate how great our parents are!

Little trips (and icing off the top of sibby's cupcakes) serve as good reminders that as busy and stressful as life may be, I have little to actually be crabby about.
Happy birthday, ma!

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