Tuesday, January 24, 2012

veggie burger...deconstructed

Over winter break, I had a cooking day. I made multiple freezer recipes to save for stressful nights during the upcoming term. Cooking 5 recipes at once actually wasn't all that bad and the clean-up didn't seem all that more taxing than the regular mess I make in the kitchen.

This veggie burger recipe was at the top of my "to-make" list of freezable dishes. The recipe comes from my brother's friend, Brad, whose food blog makes my mouth water.  I bookmarked the veggie burger recipe because, honestly, it seemed to be the only recipe I was actually capable of making from the list of his culinary masterpieces.

Well, the burgers came out great. And they froze great, too.  Success! However, my impatience at the stove seemed to hit a record high every time I went to heat up one of the burgers. So, I've started making a sort of vegetable medley from the burgers, mashing them up in the pan so that more little crunching bits form.  Also, I never have burger buns around anyways.

This concoction is decidedly hardy. Add some hot sauce and you've got yourself real winner.

Another reason I love this veggie-burger-turned-veggie-mash-up? It can easily be made gluten free. Gluten-free panko can be found in most grocery stores nowadays. And if you're a no-dairy person, you could probably replace the cheese with nutritional yeast.

Yes folks, I've been pondering a go at the gluten-free lifestyle. I'm still sitting on the idea, doing my research. Do any of you have any experience with gluten free cooking? I'm sick of living off of Tylenol for my chronic headaches and accompanying woes. There have been some studies linking migraines and neurological symptoms to gluten.  Seems worth a shot, right? The biggest problem is I don't know what I'd do with all those other darn meals sitting in my freezer right now, which are definitely not gluten-free).

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