Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meet Rathskellar the Gnome

The last few days were not quite as relaxing and magical as the slow, quiet new year's day before.  I had to watch the Rose Bowl on dvr because of some car problems I had during the actual game. Even though I knew my team lost, I was still pretty stoked to don red gear, eat candy with friends, and watch my favorite team play hard in a big game 

                                         Rathskellar the Gnome

I get why people get worked up on games. I was raised with that, but it never caught on for me.  The reason I love rooting for University of Wisconsin isn't just because of a cute mascot or great sports.  And it's not just Madison's bars and lakes, ripe for parties.  It's more than that.  

While scrummaging through boxes at my parents' house, I found a scrap of paper torn out of my freshman orientation pamphlet.  It's an explanation of The Wisconsin Idea:

One of the university's longest and deepest traditions, the Wisconsin Idea is the principle that education should influence and improve people's lives beyond the university classroom.

I'm glad to root for a team that instilled these values of education into me. I have thought about The Wisconsin Idea often the last few years, especially now that I teach college freshman. Moving into the new term, it's exciting to see how to make this class more relevant and exciting than the last.

Anyways, way to go Badgers. I'm proud of you. 

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