Monday, February 28, 2011


What do you guys think of this Alexa Cameo Jellyfish rug from

I absolutely ADORE my pink leopard rug:

 It's weird. In fact, the pink thing has prompted a wide-spread leopard hysteria. To me, leopard print might as well be Justin Bieber. 

The problem is that my front door opens right into this picture above you. And I live in rainy, windy Oregon, where little thistles and bistles and muddy and puddy walk right in the door with me every day. 

So the pink carpet has been taking a beating lately. And I really don't want to vacuum every single day. And that's what it's coming to. So, I'd like to find a carpet that can somewhat mask (I know, kind of gross when you think about it) little dirt and tree bits so that I can perhaps cut back my vacuuming habit into a twice a week ordeal. But don't worry, my pink leopard bestie will just be moving into my room so that I can wiggle my toes on it (with delight!) every morning. It'll be a get-out-of-bed thing instead of its current walk-in-the-door thing.

The Alexa Cameo rug seems sweet. It's rather thin and made of polypropylene, which is used for outdoor rugs. I have convinced myself that polypropylene will fix all my problems, including my personal ones like what to have for dinner.  But am I wrong? What do you know? Have you ever had an intimate relationship with a polypropylene rug-fellow? Are they rugged like I like 'em? Now I'm getting vulgar, which means I should go. 

Got any other rug love for me? That's not supposed to be dirty, promise.



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Princess Jibi said...

I'm the opposite, I don't like rugs or carpet, because am always scared that I didn't get out everything when I vacuumed. I like plain floor so I can see and inspect it and make sure its clean...

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