Tuesday, February 1, 2011

gaudy jewelry, red lipstick, and jhumpa lahiri

Though I somewhat sheepishly must admit that I wish I was one of those chic gals that goes to the Alt Summit, I am going to a convention that is much more in my repository. Tomorrow, I'm heading to DC for my first AWP conference, which is basically the nerdiest literary gathering of the year. I'm looking forward to oogling at famous writers, feeling totally overwhelmed, and taking frantic notes on historical fiction.

It's odd that I'm somewhat reluctant to leave the Corvallis bubble for a few days. Things are very safe here and I get into a groove of my work, writing, cooking, and such. But this will be a great adventure and something to re-energize projects I have been working on.

...And being in a cosmopolitan city for a few days gives me an excuse to wear my flashiest jewelry and red lipsticks.  It's the little things.


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