Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I know the month is nearly over, but it has taken me the last few weeks to figure out my resolutions. You see, I've never been one for New Year's resolutions. Yet, every year I make them. Not only do I abandon these resolutions, but also the spirit of them.  But something about this year, with a lot of new changes around me, I am craving goals.  Perhaps this is only to get me through these grey winter months, but I'm excited this time around.  My resolutions are with success in mind...With that spirit in mind.

I will continue my ever evolving relationships with food, my body, spirituality, & the earth.
Geez, I know that sounds so new-agey, but it's true.  I think it's really important to have a fair relationship with yourself. I have found that my bonds with food, listening to my body, movement, and my impact (carbon footprint) on the world has beautifully been growing over the past three years or so. Instead of a concrete goal, I just want to encourage myself to continue exploring the links between all these newly found passions in my life and to find a balance between them.

I will stop apologizing for what I love.
Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about doing, eating, watching, buying, reading, or writing the things that I love.  From now on, I will not beat myself up for loving fashion, blogging, reading an obscene amount of blogs, topchef, beautiful food, magazines, fun beach reads, candles, french macaroons, perfume, glee, eating out, makeup, nail polish & manicures, long walks to nowhere, cheesy pop music, ani difranco, pink, polka-dots, glitter, sparkles, curled hair, mornings in bed reading cookbooks filled with recipes I probably will never make, dancing like a maniac, headbands, frozen yogurt, outlet shopping, interior design, theme parties, and red lipstick.  That's just to name a few. Yes, I want to be taken seriously. Yes, I want to be an adult.  But these are stead-fast loves. Looking back, I do think there have been some feeble efforts on my part to ween off of these things in the past year...or to (at times) hide them from new people in my life. That's so sad. Because they're lovely and real. No more guilty pleasures. Just pleasures.

I will be a good long-distance family member and friend.
I really won the family lottery. And this week I became an aunt. This past weekend, I experienced my first hard weekend of being the aunt who lives far away. It was tough, really. And I miss this little peanut that I've never even met.  I miss getting to watch my brother and his wife being the best parents that I already know they are.  I miss watching my parents instantly become grandparents, too.  So, I need to figure out how to be Aunt Jackie from afar. However far away I am from now and into the future, I have to figure out how to still be there.

This is my third year out of college. Third! And the lovely Wisco ladies just keep living farther and farther away from me. And home friends seem to be getting married and working long hours and moving and shaking the world, too.  We all know how much we mean to each other...It's just a matter of saying it out loud even more often than we already do.

Here's to a year fulfilled by happy resolutions!

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i just love stuff. said...

i miss you all the time, friend. you're always with me in spirit, no matter how far the actual distance. sometimes it's just beautiful to know of someone out there that you can connect to every now and then, ya heard?