Saturday, December 11, 2010

tis always the season

In August, Sarah and I took a little trip to the local dollar store. There, we bought some prime Christmas decorations, trimmed little Saratoga's year-round Evergreen, and then took ourselves over to the only bar in town for a hot toddy. 

This feels like it was yesterday. Time is moving in that funny slow-fast motion right now, which typically means that I'm in a good place.

After finishing my first quarter as a grad student, I'm heading home for the holidays tomorrow.  I'm thrilled to be home with family and silly friends, though I am already not-so-quietly freaking out about getting lots done before it all starts up again.  Right now, I'm planning to come home the day before I start schooling/teaching clearly a bad idea.

But back to home! I just hope Sarah and I can figure out what to stick some flamingos into during the month of December.

After a lovely (but long) day, I have the first night in a long, long while that I have all to myself with no pressing school work or social engagements. I'm relishing the quick respite with some Friday Night Lights, list-making, and general cleaning (with cheesy pop music blaring, no worries). An InStyle magazine made its way to my inbox today, along with some lent-out graphic novels. These are the littlest treats that make the holidays real to me.


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