Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Girls With Glasses

Each new issue of Rue Magazine seems to supply me with a new set of girl crushes. In their debut issue, I fell hard for the ladies of Ban.do. In their latest issue, the profile (starts on page 139) of the new kitschy team, Girls with Glasses, totally got me.

I find myself associating myself with this duo for 2 reasons:
1. I also am a girl with glasses.
2. They have a love for a heightened sense of beauty as a lifestyle and an awareness of general aesthetic within the every day.

These two reasons are big because they are two aspects that I highly associate with myself, though sometimes begrudgingly/guiltily so. But here are some fierce, fun role models for me who embrace who they are...No apologies. I'm learning to do that, too.

Perhaps it's time for some new glasses. I'm thinking big-framed tortoise shell. Thoughts?


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