Friday, November 19, 2010

gluttony, desire, and amazon

Phew, what a week. In every conversation today, I keep finding ways to mention that I turned in two major papers this week.  I wouldn't quite say I deserve bragging rights to this, but there is this extreme lightness the day after you watch two paper-babies leave your hands. 

I've been working on a larger piece about Jewish cowboys.  The two books I own on the topic are well, well loved...and I've only owned them since the summer. As I was writing my second chunk of the piece the last few weeks, I realized that I'm itching to know more.  The more I read about this history, the more inspired I am. 

My family sent an email this week stating that we would be doing our general holiday celebrations over Thanksgiving, which is next week. Gulp. I had not prepared myself for the present exchange to occur so early on in the festive season.

Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked on it. I love buying/making gifts for my family.  They are all so funny and interesting and specific that it's really rewarding to find that one present that really, really fits the people you love. But I'm feeling the pressure to find something in the next couple days.  I'm totally drawing blanks. Got any ideas for me?  Are you one of these people? I'd love a hint...a link...a store I should be heading to.

I'm most likely going to order off the tried and true Amazon. Free 2 day shipping. Ship to home so I don't have to pack it. Oh yes. But what to get you?...Yes, you? Tell me!

And while I'm being greedy, I might as well come out and say what I'm whispering into Santa's ear (I really want to do that...Is that bad?). Going back to the paper-babies and cowboys, I do have a research books wish list that I drool over multiple times a week.  Turns out in grad school they make you buy A LOT of books. Weird. I'm majoring in creative writing, not creative reading.  Just kidding.  Dhoy. And then I get all jazzed on a writer or idea that a peer or professor suggests, which leads to binges at the used bookstore. All of a sudden, buying the research materials I need has become an overwhelming and never-ending hole in my pocket. Maybe giving history books as a birthday/holiday gift isn't the most exciting, but it would make me giddy. Truly giddy. I promise I would use it to pieces, until the spine was broken and loved.

And there is also, of course, the everyday wish list full of fun books I'll probably never have the time to read.  And this list also has some favorite authors, biographies I've been meaning to read for 4 years, cookbooks from my favorite South African bakeries, funky music, and environmental oddities that I don't really need.

Regardless of gifts, I love Amazon wish lists as they show my ever evolving desires and interests.  It's always fun to share.  Is there a timeframe for letting yourself buy something after you have let it sit in the wish list bank for a given period of time? Perhaps a year?

I am smiling to myself as I look back at this incredibly gluttonous post.  Someone wonderful recently told me that one of the best things they liked about me is that I was selfish.  This statement here, out-of-context, doesn't quite explain the true meaning of the comment. However, it's a beautiful line in itself isn't it?  And it certainly seems true, in a very different way, here in my greedy little list. 

What do you want? Seriously, just tell me.  It's yours.


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