Sunday, November 14, 2010

covered and uncover

I know. It has been months. Again. You know how I am. But I miss this. And I miss sharing what inspires me here.

So, here we go again.

First, a very, very short re-cap. My first two or so weeks as a graduate student were confusing and scary and exciting. But then I, and the rest of my peers, began to break down a bit. And this break down has been really wonderful. And I feel like people here can see me and I can see them and we are defining this new normal together that is now this small, but very present chapter in our lives. And I am stressed and tired and feeling very lucky for what is making me so stressed and tired. I got it good.

This week is one of the busier waves of the quarter for me. This coming week should have very little sleep to it, which is a shame since Oregon seems to be showing me the sleepiest weather it has had yet. I guess I will just have to do with mini-breaks looking at these beauties from Clare Elsaesser's Etsy shop, tastesorangey:

I've been "visiting" these on Etsy since the summer, but I haven't yet found a way to rationalize buying them for myself. They are haunting, but playful. I love the match set of a man & a woman, especially since I have quite a few girly prints going on (all of which I somewhat chose because they felt like self portraits when I first saw them). 

One of the many things I'm trying to cultivate in my writing is not only the awareness of language, but also the awareness of its absence. I think these prints do this beautifully. What I love most is what I don't see. 

They'd add some weight to the otherwise flighty vibe of my room. Do you think they'd look nice unframed above my bed, taking away some of the dead space there?: 
(Though, I've been rocking the green comforter lately & the white rug has already been thrown out after one party with lots of muddy feet)

I still cannot really rationalize the prints. But it's sure fun to think about. Please expect this to be an indulgent place. I need that sometimes. Go there with me. 

Enough break. I may not be going to bed anytime soon, but I will be daydreaming of how I will tangle myself into my white, clean sheets soon soon soon.



Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

I find the covered painting so interesting!! Love the tones and its kinda funny!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Etsy is quite addicting! I love discovering new artists! xoxoxoxo

Kim said...

They're awesome. I think they are very justifiable presents to yourself, especially since you've been stalking them for months.

kirstyb said...

great pots thanks for sharing xxxxx