Wednesday, November 17, 2010

candy corn fuel

Do you ever have days where your body is running nearly exclusively on sugar? Don't you feel kind of good on those days?

This was my dinner. It was a feast in my tiny library cubicle. I am cursing my classmate for bringing in his daughter's leftover Halloween candy. I am afraid to tell you what I had for lunch, and basically everything else I've eating thus far this week.  There has been a Henry Weinhard root beer, Jerry Garcia ice cream, and maybe a few other sweets named after righteous old men.

There is a salad in my near future, I promise. But I'm on a deadline right now. So, I'm going to eat all the freaking candy I want.



Laur said...

1. yum.
2. i'm very glad you have begun keeping up with the blogging again

stomper said...

yes, this is the GREATEST. candy is the fuel of...geniuses...AND unicorns. :)