Thursday, September 16, 2010

treat sequins like vitamins

Have you checked out today's launch of the much anticipated Rue Magazine?

I'm a huge fan of The City Sage's Anne Sage. It is actually her general inclusive tone and great fashion sense that drew me to her initially. Her interior design taste is beautiful, though not so aligned with my own. I knew I would enjoy Rue Magazine simply for the good writing and good taste, but I wasn't sure if I would personally draw inspiration from it.

Turns out Anne and her comrades put together an online magazine that can delight every taste. I was so happy to finally get a meaty interview from sfgirlbybay's Victoria.

Also, the duo put on the kitschiest, most do-able party I've ever seen for the magazine. So much whimsy.

ain't no party like a party from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

Doesn't this video of their shoot inspire your thoughts of fashion, food, home entertaining, interior design, music, make-up, and general aesthetic? I love that it looks like Hello Kitty threw up in the room, yet it's still somehow unexplainably adult. I love that their first rule of life was "treat sequins like vitamins." Amazing. Their spread was a nice refreshing moment amidst the pages of traditional class. Luckily, the magazine allowed for lots of smaller bursts of attainability and fun throughout.


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