Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the little this and thats

Only a few more wretched apartment posts. Though, no promises. Just being honest.

Dresser tops have always been my favorite place for the little this and thats of my life. It seems like the best place to showcase the things that I not only love the most, but also actually use the most.

It's so interesting to see what specific items actually make the cut with each new move. I'm not really a Paris, je t'aime kind of girl; however, my wire Eiffel Tower continues to be unpacked first everywhere I go. It's just perfect for showcasing my earrings all out in the open, which is so great because otherwise I would just leave all my dangly pairs in their little boxes and wear the same ol' studs every day. That would be a great shame.

The Lovgrens bought me these really sweet cake stands last year after they saw me drooling over them during a summer adventure together. The picture here doesn't do justice to the blushing pinkness of them. Not wanting to stow them away, only to be used during baking extravaganzas, I decided to use them as perfume stands. Either in the kitchen or on my dresser top, it manages to hold up my favorite sweets.

These three art pieces came into my life organically, through Sarah and the flea market. I love how little pieces come into your life here and there...and then one day it's all whoa..You see how all the little pieces are meant to be lumped together in a melodic mish-mash.

I have a relatively mainstream list of favorite artists, with Georgia O'Keeffe and Frida Kahlo topping it. I'm really happy I stumbled upon this amazing stretched canvas reproduction of Frida. It's a refreshing departure from paper prints.

On the other hallway wall, I have two pieces I made. I'm a bit of a mockingbird when it comes to painting, often looking at images and symbols online to sketch and then paint over. I then take a few different things and put them together (along with some abstract strokes for fun) to make it feel more like a personal creative thought, instead of a straight copycat. One day I hope to let my painting process be a bit more fluid, but I'm just happy that I love getting covered in paint in general. It's so relaxing. And that print? I took it years ago, and it still chokes me up sometimes. It's pure luck that my dinky, river-soaked disposable camera caught this tender moment between old friends.

I feel like interior design blogs always show the spiffiest door hangers, but they never have anything actually hanging on the hanger.

I have a feeling the rack's are just cleared for the photo shoot, which actually makes sense because these colorful coat hanger baubles look downright precious on their own, but my umbrellas and farmers market bags hanging on it remind me how lucky I am to live in this new rainy & sustainable land.



BarelyVogue said...

I love that eiffel tower and the colorful hangers. Good luck with unpacking. Keep in touch!


kirstyb said...

lovely pics thanks for sharing x

Zarna said...

i love your eiffel tower :)