Friday, September 3, 2010

In the Bedroom

Here we are in my new bedroom.

Or maybe bedroom/office:

Now that I have a 6+ foot long desk, I can't really even remember what it was like to have a smaller one. I looovvveee it. Hopefully, once stuff starts getting crazy around here, I can have systematic piles of mayhem with teaching stuff on one side of the desk and my own class work on the other. Meg and I both, in our own respective homes, tried out the twine clothesline photo display trend. It's pretty adorable, adding a nice and easy rustic touch to an otherwise almost too modern space. 

The little bed corner has been plaguing me a bit.

I am glad I waited to find a cheap-o white comforter because, honestly, I'm not sure how much I am liking the stark whiteness of it all. I have a perfectly fine green comforter I was testing out the week before. Thoughts? I think it would look better in general if there was more artwork in the area. However, we have a problem. I loathe stuff hanging above my head. It always catches my eye in the morning and I think it's a big scary spider. Or I have nightmares of the pins holding up a frame coming loose and scratching me in my sleep. It is very weird up in this loco little head of mine. But the lack of general anything-ness above the bed is verging on asylum status. I had an alphabet wall decal that I could've put there...but, uh....I think I accidentally threw it out during the moving commotion. This makes me feel like a doofus, which is enough reason to not allow myself to buy a replacement.

Also, is that white fuzzy rug going to make me crazy worrying about it getting dirty? At first it was, but I'm trying not to think too much about it. When it gets filthy dirty I'll start to (maybe) worry about it.

Another also! When you move into a new space and new bed...and you're single (shut up)...don't you kind of instinctively know which side of the bed you want to sleep on? Usually I do. But not now. And it's confusing, switching it up every night. I've been struck with a bit of insomnia lately, which maybe has led me to manifest this issue simply because I'm up all wide-eyed trying to think of anything that is so mind boggling boring that my only choice will be sleep. One side of the bed is near the lamp and my fuzzy wuzzy rug. But the other is near the window, which is nice for feeling the breeze and general eaves-dropping. What's a girl to do?

Anyways, that's the bedroom. I think it's lovely.

Another post on a rockin' Friday night, folks.


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buttons said...

i think you should go with the green comforter to add some color! i don't like things above my bed either because i fear they will fall and hit me on the head, you are not alone!