Tuesday, August 24, 2010

stir fry for one

First dinner in new abode: success!

On the drive from Ashland to Corvallis, Hayley gave me the secrets to her standard stir-fry week night dinners. I couldn't get the idea of a stir-fry out of my head, especially when a wok was on sale at the TJMaxx down the road (yes, I know a TJMaxx down the road is going to be especially detrimental for a but it's a steal! girl like myself). The new wok paired with a slew of farmer's market veggies made for a good first stir fry attempt. Though, like the rookie that I am, I forgot the egg. 

But you know what? It tasted pretty darn good. And not even the It tastes good because I made it kind of good. But the yeah, I'd serve this to a friend kind of good. The vegetables were ones I had never had, nor heard of, before. Fairy eggplants? Yes please. Weird little zucchini-looking thing that doesn't taste like a zucchini at all? Mmmmhmmm. Funny little squash? Well, duh. 

I love cooking, though unfortunately I love eating-out more. It's partly a fear of the kitchen. It's partly the love of trying new things in a new town. It's partly that someone once told me my cookies tasted like meat. And my salad like barn-feed. It's partly that my parents amazing kitchen has ruined me for every kitchen I have come across since. It's partly that I love supporting local businesses...And through my stomach seems a pretty good route to do so. 

But I do want to cook meals for myself more. It makes me feel more connected to the food I eat, which has become a huge part of my ever-evolving relationship with food over the years. And if I could actually make some stuff that tastes good and people want to eat, too? Well then, that'd be fantastic. Because my love of food is really about my love of community. So though cooking alone has a special merit all its own that I am learning to embrace, cooking for and with others is really what it will always be about for me. 

I apologize that my picture here isn't super great. But if you want to check out some seriously good food photography, then please go to My Kitchen Moovement. It's the blog of my brother's friend, Brad. His recipes and photography actually...I am not speaking figuratively...make me salivate. I'm giddy every time a new post of his comes up on my RSS feed. 


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