Tuesday, August 31, 2010

spray paint. next i'll start tagging...

One of the first apartment-y things I did was also one of the most fun: spray painting this dresser. 


The tenants before me graciously left this for me. I loved it when I first saw it, country fresh chickens and all. However, it just wasn't me. A primer, two coats of aqua, and a final gloss touch changed that real quick. I love how this dresser is so charming, yet totally different, both ways. I would dare to say that it looks pretty darn mid-century modern after its make-over. 


And I love me some mid-century modern. 

Hayley and I were on a frantic hunt for the right aqua teal spray paint, settling for what turned out to be a great choice at a Home Depot in a neighboring town, about 20 minutes down the road. This is funny now that I am getting my ground here more and more every day and I now know at least 5 places within a 10 block radius that have huge selections of spray paints. All's well that ends well. 

There was a discussion of replacing the handles with something a bit snazzier, but the a-typical length of the handles stopped us from being able to go through with it. I could be on the lookout for something that might work, but the brassy old handles are really growing on me. They stop the dresser from looking too made-over.