Wednesday, August 25, 2010

potty training

Before shot of the bathroom in my apartment. 

Totally fine, standard bathroom. But the bathroom's old and the white paint was really highlighting the bad caulking, rusty pipes, and general wear from over the years. Also, the toilet seat was one of those cushy padded things that make me think more about the last person who sat on it than I'd like to admit. 

Whew! Here's the after shot. Big difference, eh?

Hayley and I taped up the bathroom so that our dads could paint it a lovely shade of lavender-grey. Then my pops re-caulked the tub (he's hard core), put up a new shower rod (old one was rusty), replaced the toilet seat/lid with a non-poofy variety (ah, much better), and replaced the shower head with a two-headed one (because the old one fell well below my chest, making washing my hair a bit tricky). Thank you daddy dearest for being the handiest man alive. Why can't that and your ability to solve tricky math problems completely in your head and without explanation be genetic? 

My mom also lined the drawers and cabinets with liners where there was some of the wear 'n tear. It's amazing what a little bit of paper can hide do.

After the parents headed home, I re-touched some of the painting. Then I painted the white trimming near the tub, where the white was browning some, with a fresh and shiny coat. A bathroom cleaning rampage shortly thereafter allowed me then to lay down the two frilly-girly bath mats, smelly coconut soaps, candle and such. You know...I got to do the fun stuff. 

People spend a lot of time in their bathrooms, especially when you have to pee all the time and have a terrible vice of taking long showers. This bathroom 'renovation' was totally worth my dad's elbow grease. My mom was saying that it just seems so inviting now. What a funny thing to think about a dinky bathroom in a small apartment, but I couldn't agree more. 



KenL said...
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KenL said...

Glad you like your new bathroom. Rich actually did most of the painting and replaced the showerhead. I scraped and recaulked and then cleaned out the ceiling fan, quite a mess. But it was a labor of love. We wanted to make sure your home in Corvallis was great and setting everything up was a good start.