Monday, August 23, 2010

late start lazy sunday

My parents and second family of the Lovgrens moved me into my new place in Corvallis. I've never had an apartment all to myself, so "the help" and I spent hours upon hours of our elbow grease into every nook-n-cranny so that it's as cozy as can be. The apartment was pretty cute to start, but extra love made all the difference, especially with such stylish and handy family helping me. I'll post pictures over the next few days as all the little details fall into place.

After my parents drove off, I dove into cleaning my bathroom, which desperately needed to be done after all the painting/caulking/etc done in there. Cleaning was a welcome distraction from the imminent feeling of lost-ness that happens when moving to a new city, especially after your family has finally left the's ready/excited for the independence...but it is bittersweet to finally hear the buzzing silence of a fresh space and a fresh start.

The welcomed distraction turned into a few hours, though I still don't know how. When you put so much TLC into something you get to know it so intimately-yes, I am talking about a bathroom. Should I scratch off the mystery sticky stuff with my thumb nail? Does that spot need to be repainted? Should I scrub the tub again? Yes. Yes. Yes. After the smell of cleaning supplies had sufficiently settled, I savored my first shower, using every fruity lotion and potion in there. A true christening.

Tonight, the next obligatory new place jig will take place: cooking dinner.



Kimberly Luskey said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! Sounds like a lot of love went into your new home. Enjoy the new-ness! I love you.

stomp said...

yay! i'm glad you're in my state and in your new apartment! (which i'm sure is super cute, like a basket full of puppies cuddling with a unicorn). in a few weeks i'll actually start having days off again if you'd like to maybe plan some...shenanigans? :)