Saturday, July 10, 2010


I had a fantastic East Coast trip. My heart hurts thinking about all the people out there who I count as my best friends, but I'm glad that I'm lucky enough to afford the time and expenses to go and sleep in their beds and get all up in their grills for a few weeks each year. I'm still getting the hang of remembering to take pictures. So, I don't have many pictures from all the beautiful little moments I had while visiting, but somehow I managed to remember to whip out my new camera any time I was about to put a morsel of something-or-other into my mouth. Hmm...Isn't that funny? Excuse me while I go hit the treadmill. Things got a little carb/sugar crazy as you can see. Though my relationship with the east coast is somewhat of a love/hate (but mostly extreme love) situation, there is never any doubt, as you can see, that I FOOD NY.

1st row: magnolia cupcakes, cafe rakka falafel sandwich, kati roll paneer roll
2nd row: westville chop-chop of veggies burger & magic hat #9, mr. softee with sprinkles, bagel w/custom cream cheese
3rd row: soy dream liquiteria smoothie, milk bar froyo in cereal milk & iced tea, central park soft pretzel with mustard
4th row: thin slice pizza, dogfish head aprihop, ivo & lulu grantin dauphinois
5th row: van leugens earl grey ice cream, chavella's tlacoyos con napoles & trio of salsas, chavella's elotes callejeros

And yes, I FOOD & LOVE the rest of my East Coast hot spots, too (Annapolis, Bethesda, Baltimore, DC, Rehoboth, & Boston):

1st row: smoking fake cigarettes in baltimore, friend peanut butter & jelly sandwich, tequila
2nd row: national bohemian beer of baltimore, trying to pick up taylor, grotto's pizza in rehoboth beach
3rd row: mojitos at dc's lima, strobe light in eurotrash bar, kelly being adorable
4th row: patricia and anna also being adorable, meg and bradley being a mess (??) & adorable, all american diner way past my bedtime
5th row: judy & david's amazing farmer's market dinner, swampmill/millswamp road views, rhubarb pie for 4th of july

did the pictures finally show up?



smogblog said...
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bluskey said...

sister -- in the caption of your first image, it mistakenly says, "mr. softee with sprinkles." not to get all copy-editorish on you, but please remember that when referring to mr. softee, these are actually "sprinkies." good to see that you worked a westville chop-chop into your trip!