Thursday, June 24, 2010


I really like Lucky Magazine because they pretty much cut the crap. Or rather, they only keep the crap. What I am trying to say is that Lucky Magazine doesn't even try to be journalistic in the slightest. It's all perfume samples, Rachel Bilson's autumn picks, and "steal this look" photo collages. Even their celebrity "interviews" are simply little quotes next to pictures of the products they are being paid to advertise showcasing. I'm all for this sticky-sweet guilty pleasure of a Sunday afternoon read.

A few months ago, the magazine mentioned Mitsuwa for great beauty and apartment finds. I'd only heard of Mitsuwa for its best-of-the-best ramen reputation, though I had regrettably never been. A few days ago, finding my way home after getting lost in my hometown as you all know I am incredibly prone to do, I drove past Mitsuwa. I must've passed it hundred of times in my life, but I only noticed it now that it's on my Lucky radar. So, of course, I did a u-turn and got my tooshie into that Asian store mecca. Here's my loot:

I feel like I had a fair amount of restraint. I wish I had splurged more on the weird beauty stuff, but I needed a friend there to egg me on in buying those sorts of things. The little apple and pear in the back, though, are MONEY. They are so glossy and adorable. There is apple and pear smelling lotion inside of them. Umm...How cute is that? Sure, there's probably lead mixed in there, but I'm iron deficient. So, we're cool.

Asian snacks are similarly adorable. They are so adorable that I feel bad eating them. No, not that bad. The KitKat is green tea flavored, with a gingersnap kind of cookie center. Kind of weird...In a kind of amazing way. I feel like Japanese snacks are perfect for parties because they are just so happy and festive and yum yum hello kitty. Expect Pocky Sticks at every Luskey foray from now on. I have some other sick-good candy finds coming your way soon, too. You have no idea...


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stomper said...

i LOVE that you love pocky. also, those panda cookies are adorable.