Tuesday, April 6, 2010

nom nom nom

Well, Passover is officially over. And all that is left are the last pieces of crack...I mean chocolate matzah.

It's really just a slap-stick version of the smitten kitchen recipe. I have made it many times before, but with saltine crackers as the base instead of matzah. I had always kind of poo-pooed the matzah version actually because I am, in general, a bit of a matzah hater. But I didn't know what I was missing because matzah is where it is at when it comes to this sucker. It's something about the thinness that just really is addictive. There's a sharpness to the whole eating experience with the thin matza and coarse salt.  Adding hazelnuts, almonds, dried bing cherries, and Himalayan pink salt really just takes the whole thing to the next level. It's a perfect, easy recipe to make for a housewarming gift or for general snacking. Nom nom nom.

No, I didn't keep Passover. Judge me if you're into that kind of thing. I've never thought too much of Passover in general, but I'm glad it gave me a reason to try some new recipes for my more observant friends and family. Also, the Obama passover article in the New York Times gave me the warm and fuzzies in that very cool, progressive, all-American way that they are so good at dishing out.

Oh, and Sarah was here for the whole she-bang of a holiday, which was beyond wonderful. Thank you Jewish pre-school that employs Sarah for believing that toddlers deserve a Spring break, too. I fed her chocolate matzah in exchange for her ear...As in forcing her to listen to me freak out about life for 8 straight days. She's the best at the kind of stuff.


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