Thursday, April 8, 2010

i got a dollar hey hey hey hey

A rare occurrence of events has made it so that I have an extra $190 in my pocket from doing nothing but sitting in my house on one specific Thursday. It really is a long and boring story, but at least it's one with a somewhat happy (or, er maybe just profitable) ending. Whenever I come across money that I don't really deserve I think of the I got a dollar dance from Little Rascals.

Last month wasn't pretty on the finances. There were many excursions, out of town guests, and buying sheets for a bed I don't own. $190 could soothe that mayhem down a bit. And then, of course, there are summer adventures to be planned that will undoubtedly turn costly. Oh, and getting my own place soon enough. All things that $190 in the piggy bank could make me feel really awesome about saving.

Or...I could just blow it on something awesome. I've spent the better part of today dreaming of what I should do with this whopping amount of excess cash that is burning a hole in my pocket in a way that I've never felt before.

Here are some of the burning-hole-in-pocket daydream purchases:


I in no real way need the newest ipod nano. Nor do I really want one. And there certainly is a huge array of gadgets at the Apple store that are far more inspiring. But I want to be able to easily record people for interviewing/literary purposes soon. I somewhat loathe traditional tape recorders. They're bulky and not user friendly and don't jive with the rest of technology as well as they should. There used to be an add on thingy-ma-jig from Apple that put a microphone on your ipod. But of course that is so 2008 and they don't sell that anymore for my ol' non-microphoned ipod. But these new, shiny, colorful nanos have a recording device built right in and would upload onto my computer in a hot second. Sometimes things that make your life easy are what we most long to have.


So, um, I have a confession. I have no idea where my camera has gone. It is either lost or stolen...or maybe even BOTH. I don't really know how I could have lost it because I basically NEVER used it when I had it. And it took kind of bad pictures in its last (4th) year with me anyways. I wish I had that sucker now, though, because it would be free. I go through these phases where I have an intense urge to start taking pictures more. I'd at least like to have the option when the urge tickles at my toes. This doesn't seem like all-too-crazy of a thing to splurge on with some new-found-cash, right?


I mean it would be totally ridiculous to buy an expensive top over a new ipod or camera, but these do make me swoon. I spend so much time looking at incredible blogs with incredible style and aesthetic, oftentimes filled with pictures of beautiful women in clothes I cannot afford. It's at least fun to let myself consider the possibility of owning one of these flowy, lovely blouses. 

The Ted Baker one on the left reminds me of these Steve Madden butterfly sneakers I had in the 6th grade. When I wore them I didn't think--I knew--that I was just the coolest. This breezy blouse would do just the same. It's like the natural bridges monarch migration happening on my body. Ahh, bliss.

The Pioneer Woman showcased the Joie blouse on the right on her own blog. I knew I had seen it before...And that I had obsessed over it before. Seeing it on her blog, paired with my typical uniform of skinny jeans and Frye boots, my yearning was rekindled. It's just so incredibly easy looking, while still being elegant...and forgiving. 

Speaking of forgiving flowy tops is funny because on one online hunt I came across a facebook group titled "guys against women wearing flowy tops." It was unclear whether these college dudes were upset by the potential for false advertising of what's going on underneath the flowy bliss OR if they simply hate chiffon and silk because it makes it harder for ladies to show off their goodies at which they can easily oogle. I thought it was pretty funny, regardless of their reasons.

What do you think I should spend my easy cash on? And if you want to tell me to freeze it or put it in a vault or something than I will grumble and say fine, too. The pondering is really the fun part, anyway.


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Stacey said...

Okay I say unfortunately save it for unforeseen costs. Here are some unforeseen costs that I may or may not have recently wish I have an extra $190:

a) car being towed and a ticket on the window = $180
b) securing an apartment = $3000
c) air conditioning unit = $100

I could go on...being an adult is fun but paying and being responsible for adult things is not.

Or you could just get the new nano would love it and use it...dare I say you might need it?