Monday, February 8, 2010

oh ya, about that...

It's been awhile- Shocker. But I really have been following through with my "project of the week" goal! Here are the last two- Incredibly belated to you, as always.

The recipe box was a project that seemed taxing before taking it on, but it was surprisingly easy. It was actually so easy and produced such a meager result that it ended seeming somewhat underwhelming on final presentation; however, really organizing (and ditching the bad) recipes has de-cluttered my life in a major way.

I know, thank you. Yes, that is the cutest recipe box on Earth. Who knew recipe boxes could be cute? But oh, this one is, most certainly. Have you ever searched for weirdly specific things, like a recipe box, and had no luck? And then you throw up your hands and say whateva, only for the strangely specific wish list gods to have the perfect trinket-or-something-or-other enter your life? That is indeed what happened here.

So, I had clipped recipes literally EVERYWHERE in my room, in my coat pockets, crumpled in my purse, in the back seats of my car, etc, etc, etc. Recipes, good and bad, were coming out of me ear. I thought I'd be entering them all into my recipe box, but I realized that was silly. Instead, I created a folder for untried recipes. Then I threw out the failures and the ones that I knew I would never try. Then, only a precious few actually made it into the box.

Yeah. It's just the few. The mighty. About 25 recipes made it in, which is pretty good for a 23 year old gal, right?! And truly, this is a recipe box I want to have for the rest of my life. So, there's no rush to fill that sucker up. It's an exciting start, almost like Yelp...or maybe more like starting a new charm bracelet. The recipes I will add I will always associate with epic failures in the kitchen, first dinner parties, good memories, and increased jean sizes. Each recipe is like a page in a diary, a keepsake, an oral tradition.

A shadow box was my other project of the week. This was so fun. I love any excuse to use glitter. And believe you and me, sister, I find an excuse often.


Fun! I had planned to do cute retro girls all around the shadowbox. I bought a book of pin-ups, but when I brought the scissor to the page, I just couldn't do it. I loved the book too much. Oh Frahm, Elvgren and Vargas- How I adore you so! So, I lurked around my closet and drawers to find some other fun knick-knacks that matched the personality of the sweet friend that I can't wait to send this to. 

The box has a lot of texture and sparkles. It's definitely not anything super crafted, but it was really soothing to make- very similar to that strange calm that comes from gluing together an inspiration board...getting into that weird, lovely zone.

Can you guess which friend I crafted this for? I spy 3 big ol' hints right here.

Oh, well aren't you a coy thing? Where did you get that dress? I love it! You seem sweet, but I have a feeling you are more a Riz than a Sandra Dee girl. 

Well, that's all. This week's project of the week is to stretch and take a minute to just breath every morning and before bed. It's simple, but it matters. I think these two little things may really help me focus and de-stress my day. We shall see...Don't plan on me recording my breathing/stretching. Nobody wants to see that, silly.


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