Tuesday, January 5, 2010

s'mores ya lata

hayley is always making some deconstructed s'mores concoction. so, for her birthday it was pretty obvious that i just had to make her s'mores cupcakes. i was fully prepared to except a doomed fate with a complicated martha stewart recipe, but somehow they actually turned out super scrumptious (though definitely not as purdy as martha's).

please excuse these sorry excuses for photos. i need to stop pretending that my computer's camera is actually fine for everyday pictures....and maybe find that pesky digital camera of mine, wherever it is...

oh ya, there is a graham cracker bottom with chewy chocolate cake and homemade marshmallow frosting. the frosting was the scary part. any recipe that involves the words "simmering water" and "egg whites" might as well also list "self doubt" and "epic failure sauce" as ingredients. for a moment i considered whipping store-bought marshmallow fluff with confections sugar, but then i realized that i'd have to call myself a pansy if i did that. plus, i think that baking is a time to truly ditch corn syrup and all the other gross preservatives found in store bought treats. that's my version of healthy cooking...corn-syrup free marshmallow goop.  i'm glad i went for the homemade version...and was victorious!

these cupcakes didn't taste exactly like a s'more, but they were still pretty awesome. in the future, i might play around with the cake part so as to make it more s'mores-y (or should i say s'more s'mores-y?).


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Buttons said...

those look DELICIOUS!!!!!!! i want one now!