Sunday, January 17, 2010

project of the week: recipe box

I am planning on instating a "project of the week” ritual for myself. There are so many lingering, half-done and un-started projects sprinkled around my room and head. Beyond finally getting shit done, I think putting this little weekly goal in place will allow myself to make some of my more creative endeavors and hopes a priority, or at least for one week at a time.

I want to start out easy...Ya know, so I can trick myself into thinking that this will be something with which I can actually stick. So, by next Sunday I will show you my completed recipe box

Why a recipe box? Let's start at the very beginning...

Last year, I picked up baking for many reasons:
1. People told me my cookies tasted like meat
2. I had a lot of time on my hands in the early stages of unemployment
3. I paid people to be my friends when I first moved to New York. My currency? Cupcakes and cobbler.
4. I am the Cookie Monster

Now, I'm kind of a good baker. Kind of really good, actually. I can eyeball flour and sugar measurements. I know when a dough looks just right...And how to fix it when it looks a bit goopy. And it now doesn't taste meat-- or at least not most of the time.

I've been tiptoeing outside of the baking arena and into cooking one a bit lately. There are many reasons for this:
1. I am curious about food. It's exciting. 
2. I like to feel connected to my food. Michael Pollen's brainwashing has turned this inclination into a necessity.
3. I'm lost. And when you're lost, you want to feel grounded. And being all domesticated and stuff makes me feel more grounded...Or at least like I'm preparing myself to be grounded. It keeps the hope alive.
4. I love healthy food. I also love ridiculously bad for you food. However, I'll take a homemade buttered treat over a processed, corn syrup drenched nacho any day (please look the other way as I hypocritically slurp at my Otter Pop).

Where am I going with all this? I've baked a lot. I'm beginning to cook some, too. All this has lead me to have oodles of torn out and book marked recipes in every crevice of my purse and drawers. I'm sick of it, doggone it! So, next week you shall see a purdy little recipe box, bursting at the seams with all the recipes I have triumphed, failed, and yet to attempt. 


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Madi said...

love it.
I miss benefiting from your deliciousness.