Sunday, January 3, 2010

new year

hello folks!

first of all, happy new years! I hope your new years' celebration was as lovely as my minnesota one. the new year seemed to creep up on me quietly this year- and somehow this felt fitting and good.

i don't think i will surprise anyone by saying that 2009 was not my best year. and that's okay. if anything, that's good.  nobody should want their best year to be when they are 23. i have avoided this blog for so long because my year has been so fickle and i was afraid that my words would seem foreign to me mere minutes after writing them. i considered abandoning this, but some friends and anonymous readers have led me to give another honest go at it. i have always used this space as an outlet. i think it's time for a change. bread butter & jam shall no longer be my outlet, but more of an escape. yes. yes. that works for now doesn't it?

of course you'll hear me yap away with annoying musings every so often, but for the most part i want to share silly pictures, favorite recipes, music mixes, inspiring articles and pictures, interior design ideas, current drool-worthy shopping, and poorly executed crafts with you from here on out. at least that will be the case for awhile. it will be fun.

last year i listed only 2 resolutions (write every day and drink more water) thinking that a short bucket list would be easier to kick than a long one. ha ha! proved ya wrong, buck-o! who is buck-o? i don't know, but i bet he's feeling pretty silly right now.

since i can't keep 2 resolutions, i might as well revert back to my old ways of bazillions of new year's resolutions to not follow in the following year. i've tried to make them somewhat easy so that i can pat myself on the back and buy ice cream if i manage to cross off at least one or two of them by 2010:

  • drink a glass of water before bed and right when i wake up
  • become ridiculously good at cooking tasty soups
  • write bloody feet story collection as a personal project
  • host more dinner parties
  • paint and sketch on a regular basis 
  • write down dreams (my dreams, your dreams, sleep dreams, day dreams...)
  • remember to take my vitamins and wear my contacts every day
  • figure out the perfect face care routine
  • volunteer on a more regular basis
  • have optimism, generosity, and kindness become part of my natural state of being
  • be better about keeping in touch with my incredibly wonderful and good-looking friends
what are your new years resolutions?


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