Friday, January 8, 2010

Pretty Please: Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear

Jackets are a toughie. No matter how many cute little numbers I have in my coat closet, I always end up grabbing my dusty blue columbia zip up fleece. I love the nubby soft fleece. I love how I feel like I'm still wrapped up in my comforter that I begrudgingly got out from under in the morning. I love that it's comfortable to drive in or wear for hours. I love how I feel the odd combination of chic, easy-going, and earthy when I zip up that bad boy. There's something about a lady in a north face or columbia zip up who pairs it  with skinny jeans, rugged boots, and playful hair that looks so crisp and squeaky, all-American girl to me. And really who doesn't love feeling like a squeaky clean all-American every once and awhile? It sure beats having to wear pearls and a Lily-Pulitzer polo to feel like that feeling (no disrespect to my Lily P. and pearl loving friends).

here are some of my favorite warm 'n fuzzy fleeces that seem just perfect for the season:

It should be blatantly obvious why I want this sucker. Bucky's always got your back! Of all the fleeces listed, this is the one most likely to end up in my closet within the next month...or week depending on my will power. The reason for this is plain and simple: price. I loved this guy while I was still in college (a whopping 19 months and 8 days ago...but who's counting...), but couldn't bear to splurge so much on what is basically a glorified hoodie. Then I get an email from the UW Bookstore saying there's a sale and, low-and-behold, there is my lovah in the sale section for the lovely price of just $32.50. That, my friends, is an amazing deal for such a great never-go-out-of-style (no matter that this is because it was never in style) piece. They only have a men's size small or x-large. I usually get a child's extra-large, but that's mostly because it fits the same as a woman's medium and costs half as much? should i go for it? mostly likely yes.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear....I think it'd be nice to demand that people call me Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear in this North Face zip up. It's not their typical fleece, but more of the extra-plush, flokati (oh how i love you, flokati rugs) version of a jacket. I can just imagine being so thankful for such a snuggly piece on the first bitter cold day of the winter season. If only it didn't cost a $100 to be deemed Fuzzy Wuzzy.

Whenever I see a girl my age in this men's style from Patagonia I get so so jealous. It just looks so girly and fresh for some reason. I am particular to the more earth toned colors of oatmeal or textured beige (believe it or not, that is a little bit different from oatmeal). I do like this color combo, too, though. It's so soothing. I was telling Noah how much I liked his Patagonia jacket and how I wanted my own (turns out not so great a topic for your dude friends) and he stopped me and was like you have spent way too much time thinking about a jacket. bahhhh! but this is who I am!

Do you have any basic clothing items that you obsess over? Sneakers? The perfect sports sock? The right back to earrings so that they doesn't fall off or pinch your ear lobes?

Have a great Friday night my sweets!


p.s. It took a lot of stamina and will power to try not writing in all undercaps. Was it easier to read? Or can I revert back to my childlike ways?

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