Wednesday, June 24, 2009

so an american, a russian, a dominican, and a haitian get stuck in an elevator...

last week i had a scary subway moment:

three stops away from home the conductor tells everyone on the subway that there's been an "incident" and we need to change trains. fair enough. we calmly line up to exit onto the platforms and wait. As soon as we're all comfortably lined up against the platform, a huge swarm of police men, FBI, people in protective gear, and various men in black come rushing down the stairs of the station and into the subway we just hopped off of. i didn't freak, not at first at least. but then these guys start yelling at us to "get back." what does that mean? up against the wall? leave the station? well not leave the station because as soon as we started doing that they yelled at us. my heart's racing and i'm trying to stay calm, but there are definitely some crazies going crazy by now. it was just so confusing to not know what was going on. 

eventually one of the policemen yelled for all his guys to come to one end of the station, away from where i was...myself and a few others took this as an opportunity to sneak out of the station at the nearest exit. there were police cars everywhere. "uhhh...can we get my fellow passengers out of there, too?" i ask a policeman nearby. scoff-it's under control-scoff. wtf?! i hailed a gypsy cab and got the hell out of there. i didn't realize my hands were shaking until i went to pay my driver.

luckily, i had so much going on the next few days that i was able to block it out. but today was a pretty slow day and i've found that my mind keeps wandering back to last week. hmmm.

and there's been nothing about it online. was this a normal incident? could it have just been a practice test? does this happen? do new yorkers not care about this stuff? 

and of course this is somewhat petty. the metro crash in d.c. is so crazy  and real. i have such a hard time hearing about it...yet i want to know. it's just scary.

in regards to my own personal subway incident, it's over and i'm safe. inconvenient things happen in the subway all the time and i'm going to go ahead and file this event with all the others that have made me late to various social engagements. 

another inconvenient city incident is getting trapped in an elevator, which happened to me at my internship a few weeks ago. but this incident is different, because it turned out to be a really great one. there were 4 of us in there...a very multicultural mix, too. it was great! other than the russian girl who "twittered" on her crackberry until the elevator was fixed 45 minutes later, i got to learn a lot about my fellow trapped inmates. when the super finally helped us get out of that wretched elevator, i felt like i had learned a lot more than i had in awhile. it was a good day.

i hope you all are having an insightful, happy, and safe week.


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