Monday, June 1, 2009



so we just finished our 14 days of birthright. it was, of course, great. the trip was not at all what i expected it to be, but it was a whole slew of many other wonderful things. more on that later when i have more than 5 min of internet time left.

sarah and our new friend ilana are now full swing into our next adventure. so far this has included a missed tram stop, a rapping 80 year old israeli, a man who (openly and proudly) peed 5 minutes into our overnight bus ride, and a camp out on the front steps of a hostel until it opened in the wee hours of the morn'. don't worry mom, we had some hardy guys with us to keep us safe.

as we hauled our bags into our hostel in eilat, a traveler-stranger-hipster-tragically boring -girl turned to me and said "well, this is an adventure. i'm gonna write about it in my blog, aren't you?" the audacity! i thought. how dare this hipster blogger claim me as a fellow...but yet, here i am. i just wanted to touch base and say "hey." so hey y'all!


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i just love stuff. said...

did you stay at the hostel on the sea of galilee with the games room? i hope you did. i'd like to give you a ring sometime soon. i will do that.