Friday, May 15, 2009

a really goode job!

check out my goober-licious video application for murphy-goode's "wine lifestyle correspondent" position:

and now click HERE to add the video as one of your "favorites." much appreciated, kind sir/madame.

i know. i know. my awkwardness is in full effect here, ain't it? but i'm going to stand by it being awkward in that charming kind of way. yup. that's my deal and i'm sticking to it.

even though the video is super duper silly, i do think that i would be GREAT at his job. i have a PIONEER WOMAN-esque blog in mind. you know, like whoa! how did i end up in this crazy and FANTASTIC life that is so different than where i thought i'd end up? 

and there'd be a tab on the blog for lots of things. like....
  • wine making adventures. a documentation of the beauty and patience it takes to actually produce delicious wine.
  • cooking with wine and meals that go well with specific murphy-goode wine
  • confessions of a wine lifestyle correspondent. this entails lots of snarky tales from poker nights to wine tastings that got wild to learning to get dirrrrty amongst the vines
  • photography of daily life on the vineyard that really makes readers feel like they're at the vineyard with me
  • daily learnings. what little details i'm learning everyday about how to serve, taste, and enjoy the world's loveliest beverage.
  • giveaways and contests!
oh it'd be awesome. don't you want to read it? i'd give every personality on the vineyard, including myself, some sort of sassy little nickname that people could identify them with. and of course there'd be a corresponding podcast, twitter account, facebook page, and flicker album all in connection with the blog. oh, too fun! too fun! now, go help a sister out and VOTE.


p.s. i'm heading to israel with sarah on sunday. i'm acting a bit like a chicken with his head cut off right now as i shuffle, trying to tidy up my life before abandoning it for complete and utter FUN and LEARNING for the next three weeks. i will definitely try to update my blog while i'm gone (last summer's eurotrip blog entries are some of my favorite and most cherished).
p.p.s. i will also definitely miss all of you.
p.p.p.s. ya vote yet?
p.p.p.s. double love!!

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