Monday, April 27, 2009

To-Do List for April 27,2008

the following was legitimately (i swear) the to-do list i posted next to my computer (just like every freakin' day). usually my days are more ambitious, but this morning i woke up and was just kind of like ehhh fuck it. it's too beautiful to not spend the whole day outside, freckle-ing.
  • buy shampoo
  • run park loop
  • let yourself sunburn in the park
  • get a job
  • drink on the roof



con said...

i like this list a lot

stomper said...

the best list ever.

KenL said...

Sounds like a reasonably productive day (similar to Mom and Dad), i.e. visit Viet Nam (done), visit Thailand (done), eats tons of food (done), exercise (not done today, maybe tomorrow), get some work done (maybe next week)