Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the in the elite squad is kind of like the ghostbusters

the past few days have been lovely.

i should've written about my parents visit to nyc, which was really comforting and needed, but i will just trust that you and i both know how wonderful (and calmingly typical) having one's parents in town can be.

this past weekend was filled with visits with friends i so rarely get to see. i had 3 full days of treat after treat of reconnecting with long lost comrades. my bulungula mate, emma, came to town. her friend took us to the AMAZING bar sycamore. the bar doubles as a flower shop. the place will charm your pants off. all of us fell in love with the neighborhood it was in (ditmas of brooklyn)...rows and rows of easter colored victorian homes. ugh. too cute.

the weekend also had a lazy brunch, a birthday party composed of a hilarious mix of badgers and guidos (who would've thunk it?), and a gallery opening of barbie polaroids.

monday greeted us with 12 inches of snow, which justified a snow day and a reason to keep madi locked up in our apartment for the day. i baked sinful pumpkin cupcakes and thought about stealing adorable babies sledding in the park. it was a nice day that turned uber silly...i met up with rachel and victoria, who was in town visiting her boi toi, and we got freaky-deaky on the karaoke. amazing. sometimes it's good to go crazy when you have work in the morning. it reminds me that ya...i'm that cool.

tuesday was just as nice. i had an incredibly good hair day (no really, i did) AND i just found out that yelp has inducted me into the "'09 elite yelp squad," which i'm super excited about. basically, the elite squad gets invited to events all over the city with free booze and food. total fun factor here, right? something i've come to appreciate about yelp is that it's not just about the reviews. it's about the records. i love going back to my list of reviews and seeing where all the great memories have been made. it's like a journal that i didn't even know i was keeping.

tomorrow-glassblowing! hoorah!


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