Wednesday, March 25, 2009

good week

it's been a good week!
  • i'm quinoa qu-razy. when i eventually find my camera i will take photos of my creations.
  • i used my cat-like reflex to save myself from breaking a 3rd glass this week
  • i have TWO interviews this week. and hey, if i don't get them than that's coo...It's all just practice and i still have israel to look forward to
  • sarah and i got into birthright for may!
  • it's sarah's birthday whaaa whaaaaa
  • fun plans the weekend (buttons' coming out, 1st yelp elite event, birthday parties...oh my!)
  • my favorite kids to babysit for left me the CUTEST voicemail saying that they found my favorite earrings that i lost while pretending to be a monster...double awesome
  • saw HAIR on broadway. there were naked people
  • i have managed to stay away from nana's treats (the best hidden bakery in the world) for over a week.
  • i had a seriously good hair day
  • i keep stumbling upon great reads
  • i found $20 in my jean pockets

1 comment:

alison said...

i finally have internet, so of course i go to read your blog, and i find this happy post :) makes me miss you even more...

enjoy those cupcakes today!