Sunday, March 8, 2009


i love my brown frye harness boots to the extreme. i fretted over getting them for so long. and when i did finally cave in, i somehow finagled a total steal on the boots.

now that my brown boots and i have been in the throws of our love affair for a few months, my mind has been starting to wander to his near relatives....

i'm totally out of control. the black pair is on sale at the boutique right next to my apartment building. every day the owner watches me drool on his window display, tolerating me only because he knows there's a 51.2% chance i'll break down and buy them.

but maybe i should save my pennies and hold out for the burnt red ones...or the lovely olive tone that makes me swoon. or maybe i should cool it and buy other shoes that don't make me look like i'm preparing for the oregon trail. but you have to admit that they're pretty awesome. i love how they even look good with lady like dresses....

like i said, i'm totally out of control.


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