Monday, March 16, 2009

gluttony II

ugh. there's the yummiest lil' mexican joint in my hood. my dinner companions always somehow (too easily) coax me into splitting nachos and margaritas along with my meal.

gluttony. gluttony. gluttony.

i'm glad i was at least able to pawn off the cupcakes i made this weekend. i didn't even want cupcakes, but i felt the need to calm my nerves with baking after a small weekend fit of frustration...i really didn't need those cupcakes laying around the apartment...especially with my uncanny ability to re-christen cupcakes as "muffins" each morning just so i can justify them as a suitable breakfast.

i bought some cute hair accessories that i think (fingers crossed) match my bridesmaid dress perfectly for randy and lizzy's wedding. of course i found it on etsy. the seller was too cute. over our correspondence about shipping, i mentioned that the headband matched my dress. she then made matching bobby pins, which she put on hold in case i wanted them, too. under the product description, she wrote just for breadbutterandjam to perfectly match her bridesmaid dress! how cute is that? of course i then HAD to buy the bobby pins, too, after such thoughtful consideration.

i've also made two other etsy purchases this week. they are both presents, both the same thing (in different colors), and they are both something that i already own for myself. i sent them to people who i love a lot...i hope the present gives them as much calm as it has given me.

there are so many thoughts on my mind right now, but there are even more nachos in my stomach. i need to lay down. i can assure you there are more wahhh-waaaahhhh whiny ass posts to come soon...but always filled with the small taste of optimism (i hope!).


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