Monday, February 9, 2009

spring awakening

i can't believe one week ago i was posting up pictures of dead trees weighed down my hefty amounts of snow. the last two days have been crisp and SUNNY. like sunglasses sunny. 

it's such a funny thing when the first days of spring shyly tip toe out of the woodworks. the world jumps and plays at the signs of melting and sunlight, even though the ground is still a mucky mud and the icicles are sill clinging to the storefront overhangs. and with the happiness of the first few days of warmness, there is also the realization that you have not been yourself for the last three or so months. you have been hibernating, not only physically, but emotionally.

the last two days have felt like an awakening. no, it's not like all of a sudden all is right in the world and i'm as happy as can be. however, i do somehow find the time for the things i said i was too busy to do during the colder, darker days. 

i'm compelled to call friends for coffee and stroll around the park saying nothing but "i can't get over this weather." i'm compelled to go running AND to the gym afterward. I'm compelled to meander the streets with no real purpose, to actually write, to call back, and to finally sign the petition that the poor fool on the street corner is blabbing on about...i'm compelled to do it all. and this chronic state of compulsion is something i haven't felt in awhile...i'm enjoying it.


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