Tuesday, February 3, 2009

snow! snow! snow!

this is the view from my bedroom window. 
i had to make a video of the window because my camera is playing hide & seek with me at the moment. i'm sure i'll find it in some random box by the tv, the refrigerator, or any of the other spots that my keys always seem to end up in, too!

at first i was disheartened to wake up to snow, especially because of the lovely tease of spring yesterday with a whopping 50 degree high. but the snow of today is too beautiful to stay mad at it.

i was feeling better last night, but woke up to some late night nausea that has lasted well into today. a few hours ago i started to feel what i remember to be "normal" and i'm very excited about that. the most annoying part of this bug (or maybe multiple bugs) is the sneezing. my sneeze count is easily in the millions. and remember how i told you i tore a butt muscle in kickboxing like a MONTH ago? yeah...my left butt cheek is still all out of wack. so every time i sneeze, it vibrates all through my body, ending with a sharp pain in my left butt cheek! too much information? yeah. i'm sorry. as funny and annoying as the sneeze-butt dilemma is, it's cool to get a chronic reminder that my whole body is connected at one unified functioning organism. crazy, man.

so i did my duties in bed today for the literary agency i'm interning at (inbetween runs to the bathroom for this cold turned stomach bug?). i've been feeling really yucky, but maybe the snow ended up being good medicine. fat snowflakes weighing down skeleton trees are the stuff magnificent daydreams are made of.  it should be a beaut' to trudge through tomorrow when i must actually return to the real world. icky.

how i long for spring. how i know i will miss looking at my window to days like today.


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