Thursday, February 19, 2009

hello lovahhhh

SPOILER: best celebrity siting EVER!

i had to take a different subway from work today (i was on a super secret mission) that left out of union square. 

union square at rush hour makes me want to cry. there have been instances when union square at rush hour has indeed, quite literally, made me openly weep. 

upon my entrance onto the subway platform, a homeless man yelled "had enough?!!?" into my ear with hot breath. he was already gone, yelling into some other poor girl's ear, before i could turn around and say, "yes, sir, i have had enough." B
UT the story does not end there...oh no no my dear child...

after establishing that i had had enough, i whipped out my current read little bee, which was recommended to me by annie (whose taste in books is always superb). the book is an enormous hardcover with a bright orange spine. so i guess it isn't so funny that i felt that inexplicable, but totally well-known feeling of knowing a stranger is hovering over you, trying to figure out what the hell you're reading. well, i felt that feeling. This then, of course, led me to cock my head to the side and meet the culprit.

so, who was this nasty culprit?!...none other than SARAH JESSICA PARKER. i gasped a little when i saw her, which made her give me this big funny smile that said ohh you caught me doing the weird hovering thing. to which i gave her back an even bigger and funnier smile that said wow. you're really fucking famous. i want to be you.

and then i got timid and couldn't find my voice. oh how i wanted to tell SJP that i love my crazy wavy hair in part to her crazy locks. i wanted to say that i found the "hoof" boots she wore this week, the ones that all the fashion blogs hated, to be actually
 quite fetching and practical. i wanted to tell her that i fancy myself a mix between miranda and carrie. i wanted to tell her that out of all of the whacked out celebrity perfumes, i thought hers was the least horrible (i'm not gonna lie to her and tell her i liked it, though). oh, all the things i wanted to tell her but was absolutely positive that she didn't want to hear.

ahem. please check out the ever so normal, subway mama, sarah jessica parker, and her cool hoof boots:

i got an eye-lock, a smile, and our coat sleeves rustling against each other while waiting for the N/R train. a girl can't ask for much more than that from SJP.



i just love stuff. said...

hello! that is marvy story, roomie. yesterday i bumped into a life-sized, wooden statue of an indian woman in an indian restaurant and said excuse me. so it's almost kind of the same thing.

please enjoy this beautiful image of the orion nebula on (the morning after) your birthday:

lots of love,

ps i love the colors. i was at the weary traveler today looking out the window at a radiant yellow house with green and purple trim, so this is a pleasant reminder of it.

alison said...

OHMYGOSH MYOHGOSH OHMYGOSH!!! i can't even believe it. woweee! i am so enjoying catching up on your blog right now. i've missed reading your writing. it just makes my heart flutter with happiness.

i want to be in nyc with you and go eat delicious nachoes and some of the cupcakes you keep whipping up. are the nachoes anything like the food at panchos? were there frozen magaritas by the pitcher? oh how i miss you!