Saturday, January 31, 2009

yelp me

it's been too long! i'm going to restrain myself from writing some monster post detailing the last few weeks of my life to you. i guess you can just call me. however, i am going to get MUCH better at updating this thing. i'd love to actually have people read it...and i think updating it more often may help in this quest.

YELP. i'm all about it. back in the fall i started writing reviews on the site. i found that i really got a high from posting stuff. i even got voted brooklyn's "top yelper of the week" in november. after finishing my hiatus/laziness/bitterness that yelp didn't realize me as a totally incapable, but adorable asset to their team, i have recently begun "yelping" again. 

i have to say that half the appeal of writing reviews on yelp is that it's a total self-esteem booster. weirdos message me, saying that i inspired them to try thai food. total randoms click a button to attest that my writing qualifies me as "cool" and "useful"..however, i will say that only ONE person has come to appreciate me as "funny." whatever. people just don't get my comedic timing.

i even have one quasi admirer who sends frequent glowing messages about my reviews. yes i know that's creepy. and yes, i take it when a grain of salt. but that's mostly because salt makes everything taste bettah.

check out my yelp reviews HERE (click me!). feel free to knock me off my high horse and write something mean about me on a message board or some other form of the online community that is equally lame. but please remember that yelp is one of the few things going right for me right now. i'm kidding, kind of.


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