Saturday, January 31, 2009

with a finger and a thumb in the shape of a "L" on her forehead

exactly 24 seconds after posting my last blog entry, i realized that frantically writing to you at 10 p.m. on a saturday night probably blows my cover as nyc's it socialite. i am not ashamed of this truth.

despite the fact that i would probably not be out on a saturday night anyways, i did have a legitimate excuse last night. i got my first (and hopefully only) cold of the season this week. at my internship, all the agents had nasty colds. i'm sure the place was covered with a thin layer of sneeze goo that i was just lapping up until it hit me, too.  my sneeze count from over the last few days is definitely in the thousands.

i felt the cold coming on fast, but i was too excited to meet jim (eric's best man in his and laur's wedding) and meg for happy hour on friday. somehow happy hour turned into more drinks with dinner, which later turned into this crazy bar in midtown that had a magical number of beers on tap. and i know i shouldn't have been drinking, but the sangria at dinner had MANGOS in it (did you hear me!? MANGOS!) and the magical beer hall had dogfish head beer on tap...

here's the deal for why i had to try the dogfish head brew:
the new yorker did an article on craft beers back in november. it was fabulous. you can read the article HERE. in the article, dogfish head's passion totally won me over and i've been dying to try it ever since, but without the tenacity to seek it out. and then on friday night it was just there for me...ready to be drunk up. it was good and dark and a little spicy. i got one of their typical brews, but dogfish head has a whole slew of crazy brews. they even tried to recreate king midas' brew from the evidence of drinking vessels found in his tomb. how cool is that?!

i left my friends and the bar a little buzzed and with a runny nose and no voice. i then woke up saturday morning feeling totally broken.

my saturday was somewhat pathetic, which also made it somewhat splendid. i never mustered up the stamina to even put on a bra, but i was completely determined to watch the complete first and second seasons of 30Rock in bed. gosh that's a good show. sometimes i feel like liz lemon because i wear glasses and i am awkward. unfortunately,  i'm not successful and i can't eat 5 donuts in one day like she can.

i only left the apartment twice. i first left for a giant fountain soda diet coke from the pizza place on the corner. later i trekked down to starbucks to get my favorite tazo tea that i rarely get because i know, in my heart of hearts, that it should really be called "tea for tools." but sickness is on the list of special, tool tea time, occasions. then the weirdo cashier guy at starbucks asked for my phone number. i found this highly inappropriate partly because i caught a glimpse of a gold tooth, but mostly because i looked like a hobo (especially as i dug up change from my pockets in order to pay for my tool teal).

i then came back to my apartment. i cleaned up the tissues around my bed. i pondered if soy nuggets and egg rolls would pair well together for a good dinner. i decided against it. i then proceeded to eat a mint, thought it tasted funny, and then ate 8 more of them to be certain (they were indeed funky). i gave up on dinner, but i did buy the songs do something by britney spears, crazy bitch by buckcherry, and other guilty pleasure songs that make me want to clean my room (don't ask. rituals are sacred).  i'm not proud of these decisions, but i wouldn't say i regret them either. after all this, i wrote the incriminating blog post. i then promptly passed out before 11 p.m. even hit.

today, i'm feeling better. who knows? i might even be productive.
okay, i think that's enough self-deprecation for now.

go football or something? yay bruce springsteen?

go wash your hands. it's a germ eat germ world out there.


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