Thursday, January 1, 2009


happy new years!

i am quick to exclaim new years as my least favorite holiday. i just don't get the hyped expectations. there also seems to be a lack of both traditions and cabs on new years eve, which is way uncool.  but somehow, despite my cool feelings to the last day of the year, i always manage to have a lovely december 31st anyways. this year was no exception. i've come to associate new years with my high school lovelies. i'm so glad that the majority of us were in the bay area together last night (though, we desperately missed the few absentees!). we brought in the new year with total silliness. 

last year i had a whopping number of new year's resolutions. that's too bad considering that i honestly don't remember a single one of them.  ba ha ha. this year i'm taking a simpler approach. 

two resolutions: one for the body. one for the soul.
1. drink at least one liter of water per day.
2. write for at least one hour every day.

they are simple. they are personal. they are finite, clear-set, attainable goals. feel free to hound me about staying true to them, okay? 

january 1st 2009 has been pretty cozy. sarah and i cleaned up the mess of the past night...more like i watched sarah clean up my mess. yeaaahh. the rest of the day has been watching football and old movies, reading good books, and recipe hunting. all in my pajamas no less. hopefully my bum-dom of today will not carry-out into the rest of the year. i like to think of it as starting out the new year in relaxation and savoring the lingering remnants of holiday cheer. you do that, too, a'ight?



Mel. J. said...

2009! Please be kind!

I have a resolution for you girl! Keep up the blog, it keeps me sain and connected.

sarah g said...

well, im still doing luskey-house penance for the 2006 n.y.e. excitement.