Monday, January 12, 2009

10 things i want you to know

1. i had the best 1st saturday back in new york:
stace, laur, and eric came in for a weekend of debauchery. after a sweet dinner at meg's place, we headed to two insanely fun bars. they were totally our vibe. we took pictures in cramped photo booths (to be posted later?), were goofballs to strangers, and maybe rescued a christmas tree from a dusty storage room where holiday cheer is sent to die after the 1st of the year. 

2. i had a great sunday, too:
the girls and i went for a bagel run before settling back into meg's apartment, where we talked the day away. it's nice to know how easily we can slip back into the comfort of each other and our routines:

sunday rituals
on a bed of fresh memories
laughter contagious

3. within a 24 hour time period i consumed a disgusting amount of food:
meg's homemade risotto, a magnolia cupcake, wine, some more alcohol which i don't care to mention in fear of your judgment, pomme frites (best french fries on this side of the mississippi) at 3 a.m, a russ & daughters bagel with scallion cream cheese to help ease into the morning, 1/4 a loaf of chocolate babka (it tastes better when split among friends).

4. ...thank goodness i got a gym membership:
i'm loving it, BUT of course there's already been a self-inflicted injury. i went to a kick-boxing class thinking it'd be the girly know where you call it kickboxing, even though it's really more like a dance routine with dainty punches? NOT SO. i was the only girl in the class. all the men are in the street fighter video game. it was a great workout. my right butt cheek did not know pain until 7 days ago. i'm sticking to the girly zumba classes from now on.

5. i signed up for a glass blowing class:
i start in 2 weeks. it's a 2 month, weekly course. boohakasha

6. i started a new internship:
gotham ghostwriters was an experience i am grateful for, but i'm so happy to now be a 3-day-a-week intern at a literary agency. i get to sip fancy tea, read queries, and take notes on manuscripts all day. it's lovely.

7. i miss bleak house:
so so much.

8. a new wine bar is opening on my street soon:
i would like to work at it. so i have been stalking around its partner wine shop, leaving my resume with anyone who makes eye contact with me. as much as i love babysitting, i'm hopeful for a new adventure where i can learn a skill set and be around interesting adults. wine seems like a good fit for that.

9. so i've been studying wine:
"mark oldman's guide to outsmarting wine" is fantastic. i've had fun taking notes and making flash cards on wine. it makes me feel like i'm in school again. now i'm just a student of the world!

10. it is late and i should go to bed:
i've had trouble sleeping at night lately, but i have fun day dreaming in bed until the real dreams come.



stomper said...

yay for magnolia cupcakes and internships!

miss you too!!

Paul said...

Look at you being all creative! Lovin it - good luck with the wine bar, that sounds pretty cool!