Wednesday, December 17, 2008

every gal needs the perfect little black...headband

i got a bridesmaid dress for lizzy and randy's wedding! i found it (surprise surprise) at the bcbg outlet. that dang bcbg outlet is my savior. every favorite dress of mine from the past 3 years has come outta there. and what a steal! a long gown for under 100 bucks? yes please!

i adore the bridesmaid dress i got. it is funky, wild, AND classy. that's a combo that's hard to pass up. now that my quest for the dress is over, i'm left to make-up other unnecessary online searches to gobble up my time. this week's frivolous search is for a black headband that is as funky, wild, and classy as the bridesmaid dress i intend to pair with it. the dress is a chiffon material with black bunch-y flowers (i guess they're flowers?). here are my favorite from the world wide web picks for a matching headband:

which one do you like the best?! help me keep the fire burning to my current obsession.


1 comment:

Becca said...

Luv the last one with the rose ... ultra chic!