Saturday, November 15, 2008

smells like teen spirit

i know it's trendy and i'm just being influenced by the masses and blah blah blah i'm a robot, BUT i really have been jonesin' for some new flannel. i have 3 really great old red ones (red is like black for me) from over the years, including my "lumberjackie" flannel that is in my top 10 fave pieces of clothing.

the problem is that i don't want just any flannel. i want these flannels:

they're from uniqlo and levis. both have these flannels up on the mannequins of their stores, but not anywhere on the floor. when i asked the salespeople, they said they were sold out and that i couldn't have the one on the mannequin. total boo on them. but seriously, who knew flannel could be so cute and so not kurt cobain-ish (not that being kurt cobain-ish is a bad thing)?

besides the flannel dilemma, i feel compelled to tell you that i had some amazingly good times the past couple nights. these good times included button's birthday on thursday, which was celebrated well at grape and grain. we had the best time. it's so hard to get together with all the madison ladies at once, but it's so good when we actually do. i forgot who said it, but one of the girls said "this is what i thought new york was going to be like when i moved here." it's a sad and heart-warming and hopeful thing to say  and full of our old "teen spirit." it was special because at that moment we were actually living what we had all hoped for. so maybe thursday night will become our truth or maybe it won't. and maybe it will at least become more of our truth or maybe not...and all of this is good, i think. none of that made sense. regardless, it was a lovely night.

okay, leave me some flannel love (and suggestions)!!


Jojo said...

it was meg who said it....and i think that should definitely motivate many more thursday evenings. i am not partial to any particular day of the week though.

Stacey said...

i want to take part in thursday evenings! next time, toss a little lovin (or food or drinks) in my direction when you get together. miss you!