Saturday, November 8, 2008

"sometimes it's good to have a change"

it has been an interesting week, no? i wish i had blogged right after the election because the sense of awe and pride and happiness was oozing right out of my skin. watching obama's 1st speech as president-elect, i couldn't help but think that this is going to be one of the moments that define my generation...and my life. it's the kind of moment that our kids will ask us what we were doing when we found out. how exciting is that? i am even more excited for what is to come in these next few years with our new leader.

yesterday, a tiny old black lady shuffled ahead of a young man and i to open the door for us. we both thanked her too much and insisted that she didn't need to do that and that we wished we had done the same for her. she just smiled (it was more of slap-happy grin) and said "sometimes it's good to have change." the metaphor didn't really make sense, but the sentiment did. and i appreciated it. i would go on, but it seems like even jon stewart is beginning to move on in his reports. thus, i will too.

though the obama news should be more than enough to keep me optimistic, grounded, and happy...i have to say that i've felt really lost lately. i feel like this week is the first time that i have begun to confront this looming feeling that has been stuck in my throat for a good while now. the mix of optimism for my country and uncertainty in my own personal path has made this a very funny week. i want to feel good lost because that is how it should be when you're 22 and fresh and you have the time. in some ways, i wanted this lost-ness. at the very least, i certainly expected it. but it is a bit scary and a bit lonesome. however, i know in hindsight that i will see that this time was a bit exciting, too. the important thing, i suppose, is to keep faith in everything...including myself. 

i just finished my first week at as a (paid!) intern at gotham ghostwriters. check it out at it's such an interesting start-up to be a part of, even if only in a small way. it's a new adventure that i am grateful for in the curiosity and good lessons it will surely instill in me.

have a great saturday. i wish we were all escaping the rain together in the cozy apartment right now. it's a calm weekend. last night was a falafel run with meg before heading home to read in bed. tonight i'm babysitting the oh-so cute henry and sophie. they are incredibly fun kids and i have no qualms forfeiting my rainy saturday night to them.


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